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Chevy Uplander Reviews

There are practically plenty of online sites offering comprehensive Chevy Uplander reviews. It is important that you gather sufficient information about it before making any final decision. This is necessary to ascertain that it is really the one you are looking for. But for those who do not have time to delve into an extensive online research, this article will provide you with basic facts about the Chevy Uplanders. Moreover, essential details will also be discussed to allow you to come up with the most informed decision.

Quick Overview

The Chevy Uplander was first launched in 2005. Since then, Chevrolet introduced an upgraded model each year. Although they only added minor changes every year, this superb minivan never failed to impress car enthusiasts. Generally speaking, the strength of the Chevy Uplander lies on its very reasonable pricing. With almost the same features and capabilities, this amazing minivan sells thousands less than its closest competitors, Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey. On that regard, the Chevy Uplander is already up for a good start.

Today, Chevy Uplander is regarded as one of the best crossover sports van in the automotive industry.  With a well-designed and nicely styled interior, this magnificent minivan is capable of accommodating up to seven persons. Passengers have the choice of seating in an individual captain’s chair or a two-place bench seat located at the second row. This Chevy minivan baby undoubtedly exudes exclusive detailing on almost every aspect. Furthermore, it incites an emotional and attractive appeal by not coming short of practical features.

Uplander LS and LT

The Chevy Uplander series basically offers the functionality and convenience of a van but with the attractive styling of an SUV. It is sold in three basic trim levels – the base, LS, and LT. The Chevy Uplander LS model comes with the following remarkable and astounding features.

  • complete fabric upholstery
  • rear-window defroster and wiper
  • dark-tinted rear glasses
  • CD player with MP3 capability
  • foldable third row seat (intended to make room for additional cargo)
  • power locks and windows
  • front and rear air-conditioning

On the other hand, the Uplander LT boasts the following specifications:

  • available in three trim levels (1LT, 2LT and 3LT)
  • comfortable second row’s captain chair
  • striking single screen DVD entertainment system (with two infrared headphones)
  • a powerful sliding door at the passenger’s side
  • a power driver’s seat

Safety wise, Chevy Uplander includes mandated air bags, standard four-wheel anti-lock brakes, optional traction control, one-year subscription on GM’s Onstar, optional side-impact airbags, and Stabilitrak electronic control stability. With all of these features, you’ll definitely feel safe driving this outstanding minivan.

As for its exterior features, the Uplander boasts magnificent chrome accents and exterior moldings. It also has headlamps that are conveniently mounted and wrap around its hood. Apart from that, newer models now come with a powerful 3.9-V6 engine that is capable of delivering 240 horsepower.


With its strong acceleration performance, impressive interior, attractive exterior, superb safety features and competitive pricing, you will certainly never go wrong with the Chevy Uplander. You can also check out these other Chevy Uplander reviews:

to have an idea about its handling and ride performance. But overall, Chevy Uplander is without a doubt a good car investment!

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